Our Uniforms

This page shows all are different forms of uniform that we have and how they should be worn correctly. If you still have further questions the please speak with any NCO on the squadron and they will be more than happy to answer them.

Number 2A: Service Working Dress (Wedgewoods):

A male cadet wearing the Wedgewood Blue uniform
You will always wear your sleeves rolled down. Depending on the time of year you will are to bring jumpers the short sleeve order is from 1st of April to mid September weather depending. You must have your tie tied in a Windsor knot and its demonstrated in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0NPYZyI7V8


Number 2C: Routine Working Dress (Working Blues):

A male cadet wearing the working blues uniform

The working blues uniform is designed for general use in the classroom environment and environments which don’t require lots of physical strain or additional protective equipment such as boots. It can wore with sleeves rolled up or down depending the season, and it can also be worn with the blues jumper also season depending.



While we are in our transition period between the “old style” and the new progressive training syllabus badges we will have both sets of brassards for reference.

Image result for raf cadet brassard badges

Image result for raf cadet brassard badges

Number 3: Service Dress – DPM/MTP (Greens):

Two female cadets wearing the service (greens) uniform

Depending on season you will in either jackets, shirts with sleeves down or shirts with sleeves up. This relates to the same season as the blues uniform. MTP can only have sleeves rolled up if the weather is hot enough for the supervising staff member to deem it necessary to roll them up.


Sports Kit & Civilian Clothing:

Sports kit is just something that you would wear while playing sports when your at school. Civilian clothing needs to be presentable for example no ripped jeans or offensive clothing.